Time-Binding Solving Tomorrows Problems Today

Dana Friesen, Chief Philanthropy Officer at The Outcome Project

Time-Binding Solving Tomorrows Problems Today

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to be the first tribal healer ever. The first person to bandage a wound after the hunting team party returns to the tribe. You lay the hunter on a rock, what next? Where do you begin? What is safe, unsafe? How do you stop bleeding the bleeding? And finally, how do you avoid being killed by the hunters when you fail?
How did medicine evolve from that first patient to the profession it is today? The answer is straightforward; they used the principle of time-binding. Each time an early healer, like our friend above, made the right decision and saved a life, he would keep using that technique. Over time his knowledge progressed to the point where he could train a successor or apprentice. Each time a generation passed their skill, experience, and techniques on to the next generation, they added the insights they gained in their life course. Over the course of thousands of years, the body of knowledge grew, and your current level of expertise in medicine is a direct result of this process.

The time, effort, trial and error of predecessors was bound together to make a body of expertise. This is the principle of time-binding or experience binding to be more specific. The solutions and knowledge of each generation are compiled and taught to the next generation.

Today this process today is mainly accomplished by utilizing our conferences, colleges and university programs.

Many of the most pressing challenges confronting Emergency Medical Services today are problems that are new, and since prior generations have not faced them before the solutions cannot be passed down through the usual channels. You know this only too well, these are the issues you face every day!

Over time these challenges will be solved by our most accomplished medics transferring their knowledge to the system of higher education delivered in our colleges and universities, where their solutions will be passed on to the next generation. In 20-30 years the Emergency Medical Services education system should have practical training to help graduates enjoy a higher quality of life by addressing the needs of the industry. Future generations will have these problems we face today solved, yet by that time other issues will have presented.

Can you imagine being the first person to be responsible for a tribe’s health?
If the system we have is going to solve the problems you face, why should we change a system that has worked for thousands of years?
Most people would rather receive the solutions to their problems before they retire!

Contemporary time-binding is a new form of scientific progress.

What if instead of waiting, the top minds in Emergency Medical Services combined their time, knowledge, and experience to solve today’s problems today? Instead of time-binding between generations, this would be time binding between contemporaries. Consider what this would mean for progress in the industry, the solutions would present themselves 20-30 years earlier!

There are EMTs, Chiefs, scientists, and other leaders in the field who have come up with solutions to most of the problems facing Emergency Medical Services today. Of course, no one person has the answers to every question. If these experts were to bind their knowledge, skills, and expertise, the result would be solutions that make your life better every day and instantly improve patient outcomes.

The top scientific minds in Time Binding or Experience Binding have chosen Emergency Medical Services as the focus of a 2-year project to improve outcomes and elevate the industry.

This group is going to take and bind the best parts of the industry’s skill, expertise, and systems from around the world and give it to you free of charge with no obligation other than to pay it forward. When you see a way to improve outcomes, EMT wellness, equipment, or procedures we ask that you generously pass on these insights so we can share them with the world.
In every post on this site, there will be an opportunity for you to comment, add insight and perspective to the information we present. We appreciate your experience, your work in the industry and look forward to learning from you.

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