How to solve your toughest problems twice as fast while you sleep!

Most of our lives most difficult problems are complex, and to solve them we need to consider multiple factors simultaneously. Social, family, financial, moral aspects need to be considered at the same time… here is the problem. Our conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time!

How then do you solve complex problems?

Go to sleep, research shows that you’re actually twice as likely to solve a problem after you’ve slept on it.

In other words, you’re way better off going to sleep and starting again tomorrow than pushing that meeting an extra two hours locked in a room. Why is this?

Picture your memory as been a team of movers boxing up and collecting items to put in a new house. They collect all the information over the course of day, and move it into the house, your long-term memory.

This is what your brain looks like at the end of the day! You have all the information you need to solve the problem, but your brain can’t find anything in the mess.

Your brain at the end of the day, lots of information but completely unorganized

When you sleep, your mind organizes all the information from the day and files it securely where it can be used for problem solving. Once organized the most power part of your brain starts to solve the problem with everything it needs organized and easy to access.

During sleep all your new information is organized and ready to be used for problem solving!

Five steps to ensure you work your best while sleeping:

  1. When collecting information focus on one thing at a time – Your brain works best with focus, break the problem in chunks and collect information on each chunk separately.
  2. Write down the chunks and organize them – Our conscious mind thinks it is great at problem-solving and wants you to consider everything at once even though it can’t handle this task. Write out the chunks and organize them on paper so you can focus on one task at a time while you are awake.
  3. Physically see the problem – If at all possible, personally see the problem with your own eyes.  Your long-term memory records based on physical locations and what you see with your eyes. Most of what it records you won’t remember at the time, but your brain will access this information when you sleep to help solve your problem.
  4. Get a good nights sleep – When you get a good night’s sleep your mind will take all you have learned and observed and after organizing the information will use it to solve your most complex problems.
  5. Find a moment of rest – After your brain solves the problem while you are sleeping, it stores the solution until the next time it feels you are in a good space and can handle hearing the solution.  For most this is in the shower, drive to work, running or some other key time when they have a moment to themselves. So make sure you have true moments of rest every day for your brain to send its high-level solutions to the surface.

One last thing…when you solve a problem…remember to share the solution. Wealth is the power to give, and now it is time to share your new wealth of insight!

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