How to avoid going to hell in 2019

Hell: Meeting the person you could have been on your death bed, seeing who you could have become, and how much good you could have done.

Some easy steps:

  1. Know your NorthStar, your vision and mission in life. Sailors traveled through storms, waves, and terrible trials and stayed on track by following the NorthStar. Know who you are, what you want to do and why you need to do it. This will keep you from being knocked off course by the storms to come in 2019.
  2. Get excited about what you are going to do! The more passionately you chase your vision the more strength you will have. Passion releases: dopamine for happiness, oxytocin that builds connections in your life, serotonin for deep contentment, and endorphins to help you endure the inevitable pains of life. Get passionate in 2019!
  3. Take action, you don’t need to have every part of your journey mapped to get going. If you have your NorthStar, your main direction, get going toward your vision but test every day to confirm you are on track. Remember to keep checking for the NorthStar as daily storms can derail you fast.
  4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, or in other words, build resilience. Everyone is going to start this year with big dreams and plans… almost none will be strong enough to withstand the pressures that life will bring and stay on track. For more on this see the Ten Penney Performance post on this page, or sign up for our free High Performance program to build your capacity.
  5. Build a team of great people, no one has the strength to make it through this world on their own. Support great people around you and they will be there to carry you through the hard times. As harsh as it may sound, cut those who discourage you out of your life to the extent possible.

Hopefully these steps can keep you out of hell in 2019 ?   

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