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Welcome to The Outcome Edition EMS, a medical journal dedicated to improving outcomes in medicine. Focus on outcomes is in our opinion the answer to the question “what’s next for EMS?” A focus on improving outcomes through supporting EMS provider’s health, medical education, and leadership.

For those of you who are focused on improving outcomes, we’re here to tell your story, share your insights, and introduce you to the industries latest innovation. In our experience, many, if not most, professionals working in EMS are too busy serving their communities to tout their contributions and accomplishments. But it’s our firm belief that you deserve to be noted for your innovation, work, and achievements in the industry. We also firmly believe that your personal experience holds the key to elevating outcomes around the world.

We have spent seventeen years developing three systems we will refer to as Time-Binding, Innovation Farming, and Wiki-Insight. These systems have been engineered to help you collect and share your insight with the world. As time progresses, we will introduce these three concepts in more detail. We look to use our resources to invest in hardworking professionals like you. We will do this with high-level human performance training to help fight burnout, compassion fatigue, and depression as well as articles on key issues you face daily.

Here is to your continuing success, physical, professional and emotional.

Dana Friesen

Publisher, The Outcome Edition

Chief Philanthropy Officer, Summit Sciences Group

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