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The Mission

The Mission

Sharing the insight of the industry to improve outcomes in pre-hospital medicine. An industry underserved in both research and innovation.

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DNCP Papers

DNCP Papers

All our deep thinking and problem solving happens in the neocortex, it would make sense that this would be the part of the brain we feed most. Most of what we see never makes it into this powerful part of the brain.

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Income for EMTs

Income for EMTs

How can EMTs help to save even more lives, and make a great second income? We proudly present our Outcome Ambassador Program!

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Outcome Project

Outcome Project

Turn the $200,000,000,000 a year spent on medical research into practical systems that improve outcomes worldwide.

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The Outcome Edition Content System

Step 1 Collect Insight

Step 2 Refine Insight

Step 3 Publish Insight

The Outcome Edition collects insight from industry leaders, clinical studies, conferences and schools. Compiling insight from across the industry.

Insight is then rendered into DNCPs (Direct to Neocortex papers). Short papers that present the information in the simplest form to read possible.

These high quality insightful DNCPs are then published across the international medical community.

52-Week Business Program for Clinicians

In the business of healing, there can be no healing without business!

The Summit Sciences 52-week business program is unlike any business programs. In addition to the highly practical and relevant content, it is, above all else, an incubator and accelerator for business innovation in medicine.

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The Outcome Edition Programs

Conference Funding

Funding systems for Conferences and associations.

Outcome Ambassadors

Great side incomes for EMTs and other clinicians.

Business Partners

Powerful sales and marketing systems for medical companies.

Business Programs

Complete 52-Week business program for clinicians.

The Outcome Audio Edition

High quality pod-casts and audio programs for clinicians.


100% of our profit is donated to non-profits and charities.

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